Wool Under-Carpet

Needlepunch carpet padding manufactured by BIT meets the need for interior comfort, design and safety in aircraft cabins and cockpits.

Our wool felt undercarpet pad has superior performance to traditional synthetic felt pads. Wool has excellent durabilty. When blended with synthetic fibers, such as nylon, the durability of wool is increased. Wools’ natural memory allows it to rebound to its manufactured thickness, even after long term use. It absorbs odors, VOC’s and formaldehyde, therefore promoting a healthier indoor environment.
Our wool undercarpet is also naturally flame retardant and passes the most stringent industry flame retardancy tests. Undercarpet padding by BIT provides softness and adequate support when walked upon. It provides a softer feel underfoot and provides added acoustical and insulation benefits as well as longer wear life for the carpet.


  • WO-100-14.5150-54 Color: Tan Wool Felt
  • WO-100-34250-54 Color: Tan Wool Felt
  • WO-100-34250-72 Color: Tan Wool Felt

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